Tablets And Digital Signatures At AIA Life

Just to maximize confusion, we have a second AIA at the Kofax Transform conference: this morning, Aia referred to the customer communications management company recently acquired by Kofax; this afternoon, AIA is the pan-Asian life insurance company, with their director of distribution platforms Steffen Schade talking about their experience with capturing digital signatures on an iPad for life insurance applications. Since they have a captive sales force, the iPad app is used by their advisors, not by the customers directly; it really becomes their sales kit, from financial needs analysis to quotation to application to written signature to payment. It appears that they were a Softpro (since acquired by Kofax) customer when their e-signature project started, but not otherwise using Kofax products.

Adoption has been great: they went from 1800 advisors in 4 countries using it in 2012, to 30k advisors in 11 countries by the end of 2014. Productivity has increased by 34% per advisor, allowing them to see more customers in a day while providing a better customer experience because of immediate access to information and faster turnaround, in addition to the efficiency gains in the back office for processing the applications. The project cycle was driven by the needs of the field sales force, and done on a per-country basis to allow adjustments to be made for regional variances as well as incorporating improvements discovered in previous deployments. Feedback from the advisors is very positive, and even technically unsophisticated customers have few problems using the advisor’s iPad to view and sign their applications.

Their next goal is a complete mobile office for advisors, providing more functionality such as lead management and productivity metrics; the only Kofax component is the e-signature, but this is a good example of using Kofax products as embedded components in an existing application rather than a complete solution. They need to have something to integrate the different components that they are already using in both the sales e-signature application and the more complete mobile office, but it’s not clear that they are looking at Kofax for that. Lots of interested questions from the audience about mobile capture, including mobile device management, limiting screen snapshots and more.

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