10 years on WordPress, 11+ blogging

This popped up in the WordPress Android app the other day:

This blog started in March 2005 (and my online journalling goes back to 2000 or so), but I passed through a Moveable Type phase before settling into self-hosted WordPress in June 2007, porting the complete history over at that time. WordPress continues to be awesome, including a great new visual editor in the latest Android version, although my flaky hosting provider is about to get the boot.

I’ve written 2,575 posts — an average of about one every business day, but quite unevenly distributed — and garnered almost 3,300 comments. Those posts include a total of almost 900,000 words, or 10 good-sized books. Maybe it’s time to actually write one of those books!

4 thoughts on “10 years on WordPress, 11+ blogging”

  1. Congratulations, Sandy – quite an achievement! Your blog was an inspiration to me to start blogging as well. Your blog has been a fantastic resources to all of us in the BPM community for many years.

    BTW, I’ve moved our blog to WPEngine. It isn’t the cheapest hosting solution but I’ve never had complaints about it – fastest by far for us.

    1. I think my biggest achievement is as you mentioned: inspiring others to start writing, too, whether on their own blog or other platforms. The online BPM community is awesome!

      Thanks for the wpengine recommendation, will check them out.

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