This list is a bit out of date, but gives an idea of the topics on which I present. In general, I publish my presentation slides on Slideshare and provide a link in a blog post, although I may have missed a few.

A number of my presentations are available online. First of all, check out my page, where you’ll find:

There are also a a number of webinars and video presentations available for replay online:

And finally, some podcasts to replay online or download and take away:

  • An interview with me about BPM (starting about halfway through the podcast) from the Vision Thing, a now defunct process management site
  • Web 2.0 and BPM, part of the Office 2.0 podcast jam
  • Fearless BPM Predictions, a panel discussion with a number of other BPM bloggers (unfortunately, no longer at that URL since that site doesn’t keep unique URLs for some downloads)
  • Social Media Today podcast, where I’m interviewed by Maggie Fox about Enterprise 2.0 and the use of wikis inside enterprises
  • BPM in a Down Economy, where I discuss ways that BPM helps in a recession, and interview Dr. Ketabchi from Savvion.