The Incredible BPMN

Last year, I developed a course on process standards for FileNet (now IBM) that they use to train their sales teams and partners. It included a bit on BPMN, among other standards, because FileNet will soon be launching an ability to model in BPMN through an integration with Visio.

Frighteningly, their recent press release says “New features support BPM standards for business process modeling (BPMN) and execution (XPDL) and BPM integration as part of an overall Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy” — do they think that the X in XPDL stands for eXecution?

This morning, I received an email from someone at a FileNet reseller who recently took the course that I developed online. He said “Thanks for your really great webcast” (I love feedback like that!), and also created a BPMN diagram using icons from The Incredible Machine:

The thought of combining the whimsical — yet design-like — diagrams of TIM with those of BPMN gave me a giggle and really made my day.

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