Bloglines has broken my feed

I’ve always been a big fan of Bloglines, but I’ve had a few minor problems in the past when subscribing to my own FeedBurner feeds (FeedBurner takes the source feed from my site, adds on statistics tracking and a few helpful links at the end of each feed item, and produces a new feed): if the source feed location changes, and I update FeedBurner, Bloglines somehow doesn’t get the updated feed location. I think that they’re mishandling FeedBurner feeds, and mapping through to the original feed instead.

Without going into the gory details, suffice it to say that Bloglines is not handling my FeedBurner feed correctly; in fact, after I contacted their support and asked them to refresh their cache to fix the original problem of not getting the new source feed, they’re now picking up an old test version of a FeedBurner feed that I created back in March, but no longer exists.

If you’re a Bloglines user, I recommend moving to a competent feed reader (as I will soon be doing), or subscribe to the source feed directly at (comments feed at

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