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Several months ago, I ordered some of Hugh MacLeod‘s Blogcards, which I hand out regularly in place of my regular corporate-looking business card to people who I meet in more casual situations. In particular, I ordered the “Read My Blog” card, because I often find myself referring people to my blog for more information on something that we’re discussing.

What I really need to do, however, is start handing them to people that I have known for years.

Yesterday, I had the occasion to meet or telephone three friends. All of them work in technology. At one point, we used to all work for the same BPM technology company (during my brief hiatus in corporate-land). Two of them (both very technical) still work there, and the third works for a company that provides aggregated business analysis content through RSS feeds, among other methods.

None of them read my blog, although the two who still work for the BPM technology company could undoubtedly learn something about their market, their customers, or even their own company by reading it. In fact, all three of them don’t read any blogs on a regular basis, and don’t know how to use an RSS reader — even the one who now sells content via RSS to businesses.

I only have one thing to say: read my blog.

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