Passion in entrepreneurship

I went to a literary reading last night that paid tribute to author Barbara Gowdy, who read from her novel in progress after we heard readings from five other great authors about their views and experiences of Gowdy. Catherine Graham, one of the other authors who spoke, made the most amazing statement in her short piece “It Chooses You”: she said that if you write, you should write about what obsesses you. I’m a huge believer in being passionate about my work, and definitely do my best work when it’s something that I just can’t put down, so that really resonated with me.

This morning, I saw these entrepreneurial proverbs (for geeks) by Marc Hedlund on O’Reilly Radar (via Boing Boing), which included basically the same advice as Graham offers: “pay attention to the idea that won’t leave you alone”.

2 thoughts on “Passion in entrepreneurship”

  1. Hi Sandy,

    I am a new kid on the block thinking about jumping on the blogging and podcasting bandwagon. I just wanted to tell you that I truely enjoy reading your blogs. I work in IT as well (Project Management) and my interest lately has been around Business Process Modelling and Enterprise strategy around SOA. So keep it coming….

    Madhu Reddiboina

  2. Entrepreneurial proverbs..hehehe..

    Seriously, it is true.. From what I believe and what I read from numerous articles, blogs and posts, these three sum up the makings of an entrepreneur.

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