ABBYY Technology Summit 2017

Welcome back after a nice long summer break!

Last year, I gave the keynote at ABBYY’s Technology Summit, and I’m headed back to San Diego this year to just do the analyst stuff: attend briefings and hang out at the conference sessions. This will give me a chance to do more writing than when I’m presenting; last year, I only had time to blog about one session at ABBYY’s conference.

You can find out more about the summit and register to attend here, and more about ABBYY and their intelligent capture products here. Looks like some interesting sessions, including those on improving capture and recognition with machine learning.

Readers may have noticed that I’ve severely curtailed my conference travel in the past year or two. Large conferences just aren’t good value for my time, especially for vendors that have a wide variety of products outside my area of interest:  when I attend a conference, I’m giving up billable time to be there so need to gain useful information or make valuable contacts to make it worth my while. I will almost always attend a client’s conference even if I’m not speaking, or a smaller conference that looks interesting, or one in an interesting location. As described on my Legal page, a vendor must cover my travel expenses to have me attend their conference but doesn’t provide any other remuneration unless I’m also giving a presentation at the conference.

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