Webinar On BPM And Operational Efficiency

This seems to be the month for webinars: after last week’s session on case management, I’m presenting a webinar on BPM for operational efficiency and process improvement, sponsored by Lexmark, coming up on Wednesday at noon Eastern; you can sign up for it here. A speaker from Lexmark will be joining me on the webinar for a short bit about their products, but most of it will be me talking about the new face of operational efficiency, which includes things such as flexible processes, informational context, predictive analytics and more.

From the abstract:

Do barriers to operational efficiency prevent your business from reaching growth targets? Do manual processes create gaps that prevent data from becoming available to users who need it? Every day, missed productivity opportunities add up to steady – and serious – losses in efficiency. When it takes longer to get work done, your business performance suffers.

Smart workflow automation is the answer to regaining everyday productivity. It can compensate for smaller workforces, safeguard against human error, and automate tedious reporting and compliance tasks. Smart, optimized workflow eliminates the common obstacles and frustrating gaps that get in the way of sustained efficiency:

  • Manual, paper-based processes drain productivity
  • Large amounts of unavailable but necessary information
  • Inflexible workflow that is costly and difficult to change

Sign up and join us on Wednesday to learn more.

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