Case Management Webinar Tomorrow

I’m speaking about case management on a webinar tomorrow at 2pm Eastern; you can sign up to attend here. It’s sponsored by IBM, but there will be no IBM speaker on the webinar, just me and some time for Q&A. Although titled as “Adaptive Advanced Case Management”, IBM’s case management (and most of what I’m discussing) is more about what is becoming known as “Production Case Management”, where work has a great deal of predictability and variability but there is value in having some pre-defined templates to structure the work.

From the abstract:

When a company is processing a customer order, claim, loan, contract, audit, or benefit, exceptions happen. How companies deal with those exceptions can mean the difference between a happy customer or employee or one that walks away – and tells other friends and business associates about their negative experience. In fact, with the speed and reach of social media, it is imperative that all exceptions are escalated and resolved as quickly and as simply as possible. Putting the process into the end users’ hands via an automated case management solution such as IBM Software’s Advanced Case Management (ACM) can help companies not only improve customer service but gain other benefits such as increased sales, reducing customer churn, and a reduction of fraud.

However, adopting a formal, automated approach takes real change – both on the business side as well as in IT. However, once it is implemented in conjunction with proven best practices, organizations are equipped to handle practically any case management scenario in nearly any domain. Learn more about how IBM’s ACM solution can help your organization.

By attending this webcast you will learn:

  • About the many case management challenges that companies face today
  • Why today’s businesses require more insight, responsiveness and collaboration when it comes to handling exceptions than they ever did
  • Best practices to help you close cases efficiently and with better results
  • Ways that you can extract more value out of case management data to create a better outcome and avoid having the same issues crop up in the future
  • How an advanced case management solution can help an organization be more responsive, closing cases faster and with fewer resources.
  • How ACM support all information sources to provide a 360-degree view of the case – while at the same time support consistent, multi-channel output including correspondence, email, web, call center, text and others as customers demand

In spite of the direct mention of IBM’s Case Manager in the abstract, I won’t be talking about it or any other product specifically. I’ll be discussing the challenges for knowledge workers and how case management can assist them, with some examples.

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