Webinar on Process Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Summer is the time when no one holds conferences, because vacation schedules make it difficult to get the attendance, so webinars tend to expand to fill the gap. I’ll be presenting on another BP Logix webinar on August 10th, discussing process intelligence and predictive analytics; you can register (and see my smiling face in a video) here.

I first presented on the combination of BPM, business rules and business intelligence at Business Rules Forum in 2007:

Near the end of the presentation, I talk about self-learning decisions in processes, where process statistics are captured with business intelligence, analyzed and fed back to business rules, which then modify the behavior of the processes. In the three years since then, technology has advanced significantly: rules are now accepted as a necessary part of BPM, and process intelligence has moved far beyond simple visualizations of process instance data. In the webinar, I’ll be discussing those trends and what they mean for process improvement.

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