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You may have seen this announced on other BPM blogs, but there’s currently a survey out on the use of, and satisfaction with, BPMN by process modellers. This is part of a PhD research project by Jan Recker at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia (a city that I remember fondly, in spite of the fact that it was pouring rain last time that I was there).

As a perq for completing the survey, you’ll get the summarized results of the survey, plus access to recent studies on BPMN, so it’s worth doing if you’re using BPMN. The details, from Jan’s request to me:

BPMN is gaining huge momentum in practitioner communities, up to a point that even those vendors who were initially reluctant to adopt it, can no longer completely ignore it. But what exactly are the factors that drive this acceptance? How satisfied are end users of BPMN with the notation? Do user experiences on BPMN match those by BPA tool vendors?

Jan Recker from the BPM Research Group at Queensland University of Technology is undertaking a worldwide survey on the use of BPMN by process modellers to shed light into this question. You can help Jan by completing the survey available here:

The best way to contact Jan is via email: [email protected]

I’m hoping that if I publish his request, maybe they’ll sponsor me to come down and speak at their BPM conference in September 🙂

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