Business Transformation Through Intelligent BPM

Setrag Khoshafian, Pega’s VP of BPM Technology, presented a breakout session on intelligent BPM and its use in business transformation. He sees BPMS getting intelligent through dynamic case management for ad hoc, unstructured, collaborative processes, able to handle events and more real-world problems. Pega case management includes the Case Designer and Case Portal for designing and managing all sorts of work, right along the spectrum from structured to unstructured. BPM also gets intelligent through analytics, from historical reports to dashboards to predictive and adaptive BPM; their new unified platform brings predictive analytics together with BPM to make this happen.

I had to duck out early to head for the airport; not much new here that hasn’t been covered in other sessions, but a bit more detail on how they are positioning Pega as iBPM in advance of Gartner’s upcoming intelligent BPMS magic quadrant report.

That’s my last session at PegaWORLD, and I’m headed home to Toronto. After a somewhat grueling schedule of conferences so far this year (PEX, Kofax, Appian, Gartner, IBM, ISIS Papyrus, DST and now Pega), things slow down for a while, with just the IRM BPM conference in London later this month and Social BPM Summer School in Como in July between now and the end of the summer.

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