Demos At BPM 2012

BPM 2012 is the 10th annual conference on BPM research, hosted (as always) by a university with an active BPM research program: this year, that’s University of Tartu in Tallinn, Estonia. I’ll be there, probably giving a talk on social BPM on the industry day, and soaking up all the interesting new things that are happening in different areas of research. For all of you vendors out there, I highly recommend that you send someone from your R&D team to listen in on what’s coming out of the academic research: although there’s a lot of esoteric stuff here, I always see a couple of ideas that are really ready for market.

In conjunction with the conference, there is the opportunity to showcase at a demo track if you’re a research or in industry. From the description:

The BPM 2012 Demo Track is intended to showcase innovative Business Process Management (BPM) tools and applications that may originate either from research initiatives or from industry. The Demonstration Track will provide an opportunity to present and discuss emerging technologies with researchers and practitioners in the BPM field.

The deadline for the call for demos is June 10 (this Sunday).

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