Increasing Revenue Through Multi-Channel Decisioning

John DeMarchis from PNC Financial Services gave the final morning keynote on how they’re using multi-channel decisioning to increase revenue through a personalized customer experience. They looked at some of the compelling user experiences in the consumer space that are setting expectations of how people want to interact with service providers – Amazon and Google, for example – but also had to consider the loss of confidence in the US financial system that many consumers have experienced through the financial crisis. This led them to develop a customer interaction management system that uses Pega decision management to inform and direct customer interactions through all of their engagement channels. This provides centralized decisioning for consistency, real-time decisioning to allow next best action capabilities during the interaction, and adaptive learning to adjust the models based on market and customer behaviors.

Key to this is determining each customer’s current state so that they can be appropriately targeted for offers and notifications without annoying them, using the channel of their choice. Seriously, I wish my bank could do this.

The results: they are at the top of the customer experience rankings in specific geographic regions, and are ranked highly in terms of how they interact with their customers for marketing purposes. Interestingly, they started this with the simple idea to do cross-selling, but found that using the data and decisioning capabilities, they could do much, much more.

We finished up with some closing thoughts from Alan Trefler, since this is the last of the general keynotes; it’s all breakout sessions from here on in. I have (paper) notes from my meetings with executives yesterday, and a few more meetings today, which I’ll try to summarize here later today or tomorrow.

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