Spectrum Radio on the FBI case file debacle

I’ve been a member of IEEE for over 20 years, and browse the periodicals that arrive at my door monthly, but have just become aware of the content that they offer to members and non-members on Spectrum Online. I’ve downloaded a number of the podcasts from Spectrum Radio and thoroughly enjoyed the two-parter about the enormously expensive and unsuccessful FBI case file project (I’d love to link to it directly, but they have a stupid Flash interface that doesn’t allow that, so you’ll just have to find it on the Radio page).

IEEE actually had to litigate to have the report about this project released under freedom of information laws, and the software experts in discussion on the podcast dissect the report and talk about what went wrong as well as lessons that can be learned for any large software project. Interesting that a company that has CMM level 5 certification can end up developing a $170M project with no proper requirements, no enterprise architecture, and a number of other things that seem like no-brainers for any large software project. Worth listening.

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