September in Europe: @BPMConf in Vienna, @Camunda in Berlin, @DecisionCAMP in Bolzano

Many people vacation in Europe in September once the holiday-making families are back home. Personally, I like to cram in a few conferences between sightseeing. Primarily, my trip is to present a keynote at CamundaCon in Berlin on September 12-13. Last time that I attended, it was one day for Camunda open source users, followed … Continue reading “September in Europe: @BPMConf in Vienna, @Camunda in Berlin, @DecisionCAMP in Bolzano”

Impact of Social Technologies on the Enterprise

This year, almost all of my speaking engagements are related to social BPM. At Appian World in April, I gave a keynote on the impact of social technologies on the enterprise, particularly regarding social BPM, which Appian recorded and have made available on YouTube (it’s in several small pieces, likely due to YouTube’s publishing restrictions, … Continue reading “Impact of Social Technologies on the Enterprise”

Social BPM For Improving Enterprise Performance With @MarcoBrambi

Emanuele Molteni and Marco Brambilla of WebRatio presented on integrating social tools with BPM for improving enterprise performance in their breakout session this afternoon. They started with a description of how social and BPM come together, which covered some of the same ground as I did in my longer-form workshop yesterday, and also included some … Continue reading “Social BPM For Improving Enterprise Performance With @MarcoBrambi”

BPM Framework For Product Development At Ericsson

Michael Andersson of Ericsson presented a breakout session on their BPM framework for product development in a global environment. Although many people are familiar with them as a handset manufacturer, Ericsson’s biggest business is to create and service communication networks that provide the infrastructure for telecom operators (their customers), and provide solutions to the telecom … Continue reading “BPM Framework For Product Development At Ericsson”

IRM BPM And EA 2012 Kicks Off With @cybersal and @rogerburlton

I gave my Social BPM session yesterday on the pre-conference workshop day, but today is the official opening of the combined business process management and enterprise architecture conference in London. This is the second year that these two conferences are being held together, with attendees welcome to join either track plus some joint keynotes between … Continue reading “IRM BPM And EA 2012 Kicks Off With @cybersal and @rogerburlton”

Social BPM At IRM BPM London

I’m in London this week at the IRM BPM conference. Today, I’ll be taking my Making Social BPM Mean Business 3-hour seminar for its first real outing (although I’ve presented most of this material in other contexts, just not in this combined form); over the next several months, I’ll be presenting this at three other … Continue reading “Social BPM At IRM BPM London”

Business Transformation Through Intelligent BPM

Setrag Khoshafian, Pega’s VP of BPM Technology, presented a breakout session on intelligent BPM and its use in business transformation. He sees BPMS getting intelligent through dynamic case management for ad hoc, unstructured, collaborative processes, able to handle events and more real-world problems. Pega case management includes the Case Designer and Case Portal for designing … Continue reading “Business Transformation Through Intelligent BPM”