Impact of Social Technologies on the Enterprise

This year, almost all of my speaking engagements are related to social BPM. At Appian World in April, I gave a keynote on the impact of social technologies on the enterprise, particularly regarding social BPM, which Appian recorded and have made available on YouTube (it’s in several small pieces, likely due to YouTube’s publishing restrictions, but I have linked to a playlist that shows all segments):

I’ve done a few webinars on similar themes lately, and I just delivered the first run of a 3-hour seminar on social BPM at the IRM BPM conference in London last week. Needless to say, I’ll be continuing to evolve the content, and have three more venues for the evolution of that long-form seminar this year: Social BPM Summer School in Como in July, the academic BPM 2012 conference in Tallinn in September, and Building Business Capability in Fort Lauderdale in October. This is a topic that I’ve been speaking on for over six years now, and there’s still such an amazing amount of innovation going on, both in the technology and in the cultural and organizational changes that have to occur to make social enterprise software a reality.

If you have any great case studies on social BPM, please let me know; I’d like to add in more of that in the seminar as it evolves.

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