Social BPM For Improving Enterprise Performance With @MarcoBrambi

Emanuele Molteni and Marco Brambilla of WebRatio presented on integrating social tools with BPM for improving enterprise performance in their breakout session this afternoon. They started with a description of how social and BPM come together, which covered some of the same ground as I did in my longer-form workshop yesterday, and also included some pointers on where social impacts the BPM cycle and social BPM design patterns.

More interestingly, they went into quite a bit of detail on social extensions to BPMN, in four categories:

  • Social monitoring
  • Social behavior
  • Social content
  • Social access

Social BPMNI gave a brief nod to the need for this sort of extension in process modeling in my session yesterday, but didn’t discuss them in detail; Brambilla went into modeling of social roles, publication scope and other social tasks such as voting and ranking. He also discussed a method for social BPM based on model-driven design, as well as techniques for social enterprise such as crowdsourcing and gamification.

You can check out a video that they posted last year showing an implementation of integrating LinkedIn, Doodle and BPM, which allows an existing social networking platform to be used for external collaboration and voting, with the results collated back into the internal process management system.

He finished with some of the challenges; unsurprisingly, the biggest issues in social BPM are organizational and cultural, not technological.

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