ABBYY Recognition Server 5.0 update

I’ve switched over to the FlexiCapture technical track at the ABBYY Technology Summit for a preview of the new version of Recognition Server to be released in the first half of 2018. Paula Saunders, director of sales engineering, walked us through a presentation of the features and a demo.

New features include:

  • Smart PDF quality detection and processing, including detecting if there is already an OCR layer on the document and using that instead of re-recognizing
  • Support of PDF/E standard for engineering drawings
  • Import of email messages in MSG format, including both the message text and attachments
  • Advanced document editing at indexing and verification stations, such as rotation and redaction
  • Support of user languages and pattern-matching to fine-tune non-standard text
  • Extracting index fields by using a template of fixed regions
  • Native 64-bit support

Recognition Server is for more of the production capture work, where you set up a capture workflow and define several properties that define the input, process, document separation, quality control, indexing and output stages of that flow. She walked us through the screens for creating a new workflow and setting the properties at each stage, then showed us what it would look like at an indexing station if you wanted to edit the original image: deskewing, despeckling, cropping and more. The indexing station module also allows you to create field templates, for fine-tuning the recognition and assigning for mapping form areas to index fields directly on live document data. The verification station module can be used for additional training using pattern matching, such as recognizing unusual fonts.

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