Face-to-face bloggers

I had the unique experience of meeting two other BPM bloggers this week for the first time, one unexpected and one planned.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was in Dallas to deliver my Making BPM Mean Business course for Imagine Solutions, and was pleasantly surprised when George Dearing of the ECM Blog walked into my classroom at the end of the first day to introduce himself. I link to his blog on my blogroll, so I knew that he works for Imagine, but I had totally forgotten about that in all of the activities around preparing for the course. He read my blog post from Sunday night (in which I didn’t mention that Imagine was my client), and thought that this was too much of a coincidence that I was in Dallas so went scouting around his office to find out if I was there.

On a more planned note, I met up with Ethan Johnson of The Vision Thing for dinner; Ethan and I have been trading blog comments for months, and he interviewed me for one of his Sound of Vision podcasts, so when I knew that I was coming to Dallas, we made the arrangements to connect. I didn’t wear my Process For The People tank top (too cold!), but we still managed to identify each other. We had our own little geek dinner, and as he pointed out, it was unusual because we had equal gender representation, which likely doesn’t happen much at geek dinners. I also noted that we had equal representation from Canada and the U.S.: sort of a NAFTA geek dinner, if you will.

Great to finally meet both of you guys face to face!

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