iPod in the Great White North

Completely unrelated to BPM, EA, or anything else that I usually blog about, I have a great idea for one of those iPod silhouette ads for Canadian viewers (readers from Michigan, Wisconsin and Switzerland will also appreciate). This came to me last week after I received a video iPod as an early Christmas gift, then had to travel halfway across the city to see a client on the day of a 3-4″ snowfall. Picture a long parka with a snorkel hood (something like this, if you’re having trouble imagining it), with the white headset cables emerging from inside the hood, then trailing into an inside pocket of the coat where the iPod is, of course, out of sight so that it doesn’t freeze over. By now, you shouldn’t have to see the actual iPod to know what’s connected to those white cables.

This would be funnier if it weren’t quite so true.

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