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Lots of interesting news recently on BPM and BI. Last month, Lombardi and Cognos signed an OEM agreement to embed Lombardi’s Teamworks into Cognos’ analytics applications. Bruce Silver had a good post about the implications of this agreement, and the blurring lines between BPM and analytics. Then last week, IBI announced that they’ve embedded their WebFocus business intelligence into iWay‘s Process Manager (iWay is a subsidiary of IBI), further indicating this blurring of technologies.

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  1. Hi Sandy,

    I’m a little confused — probably mostly from the announcement itself. I don’t see where IBI says that they’ve embedded WebFocus into iWay Process Manager (which isn’t directly referenced in the announcement).

    Can you share any additional information that’s not in the announcement? Or maybe you’re assuming that when they say, “iWay SOA Middleware” they really mean “iWay Process Manager”?


  2. Steve, I first saw this referenced in an InformationWeek article here, which states “Process-Driven Business Intelligence embeds WebFocus into the Process Manager workflow engine”. I linked to the original IBI press release in order to go back to the source, but on a second reading of the press release, it doesn’t state that capability. Either the IW article is incorrect, or they have some information that’s not in the press release; I didn’t check with IBI/iWay directly on this. My fault for not referencing the IW article originally.

  3. Thanks Sandy. I eventually found the InformationWeek article as well. (In fact, IBI’s home page links to it.) I’ll see what I can learn from my IBI contacts and post back.

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