Personalized Electronic Statements at China Trust Commercial Bank

We’re running 30 minutes late and it’s right before lunch, but everyone is sticking around to hear Ignatius Chang, EVP at China Trust Commercial Bank, talk about their initiative for statement e-delivery. Based in Taiwan, they are in an overcrowded financial services market, and technology has become a competitive differentiator for them in customer retention through superior service. They have about 5 million credit card holders, and send out over 2.5 million statements per month. These statements aren’t just a statement, however: they include targeted promotional information and offers for other products and services in the same document.

Their move to e-delivery was driven by some basic business goals: they wanted to reduce print and post costs by moving customers to e-statements, but maintain the personalized marketing and visual appearance of the printed document without generating a PDF. They wanted a common document design and handling process for both paper and electronic, although electronic required additional features such as secure encryption and support for mobile devices. Since the statements included marketing campaigns, they wanted to be able to track the campaign response rate, since this contributed to their return on investment (in addition to the cost reduction when moving to e-statements).

They are only partway along their journey with the Papyrus platform, so some of this described future plans rather than current reality – it will be interesting to see how they achieve their goals as they continue to implement in the future.

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