Just call me “Your Honor”

Apparently, Shel Israel’s fact checkers were too busy to actually check facts the day that they proofed page 208 of his new book Twitterville: I am not, nor have I ever been, the mayor of Toronto.

After a couple of people alerted me (via Twitter, of course), I hiked over to the local bookstore and snapped a pic of the page in question – click to see the full-size image, and check under the heading “Tweeting International” near the bottom left where it refers to “Toronto mayor Sandy Kemsley (@skemsley)”. I didn’t buy the book: if it lists me as the mayor of Toronto, who knows what other nonsense it contains? 🙂

fyi, the mayor of Toronto is David Miller (at least until the next election), a.k.a. @mayormiller. I am, however, one of the 57 people who he follows.

7 thoughts on “Just call me “Your Honor””

  1. Congrat’s to the promotion! And yes, Your Honor has a nice sound to it.
    Not the best, e.g. Your Majesty or Your Holiness are better … but no opening for those jobs right now 🙂

  2. Maybe the book is forecasting the future!

    Are you running in the next elections? You would get my vote… 🙂

  3. I just had a tweet from the (real) mayor of Toronto. He called me “Your Worship”, so I assume that is the appropriate title.

  4. At least they got Boris Johnson right. Boris is a clown and comedian masquerading as a professional politician. You would bring much more gravitas to the job. Fancy relocating to this side of the pond?

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