AIIM webinar on content and process

I’m the headline act in an upcoming webinar, Content: Meet the Business Process, hosted by AIIM and sponsored by SAP, on November 11th at 2pm ET. Although I spend a lot of my time focused on BPM, I have a pretty strong background in content management as well: almost every client that I work with has to deal with content and process together.

I’ll cover some of the key benefits of bringing together content and process, walk through a couple of case studies, and end up with some suggestions on getting started with content-centric cross-departmental processes.

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  1. I am looking forward to your comments on ECM and BPM. Since I am on the BPM side,
    I want my manager to collaborate with the ECM manager and I want to keep promoting “process management” as a practice.

    We integrate both BPM and ECM on a couple of our projects especially where we need image copies of the customer requests which helps to speed up the workflow.

    Will you be going to BPM – New York in early November?


    Brian Martin
    The Hartford

  2. I won’t be at the Brainstorm BPM event in NY, I am speaking at the Business Rules Forum in Vegas that week, on their newly-introduced BPM track.

    ECM and BPM are a natural fit in many situations: most of the early workflow solutions grew out of document management, and these ideas became the roots of BPM. Today, there is so much more to BPM than document-centric, but that’s still an important part in many industries.

  3. Hi Sandy
    Regarding the intersection of BPM and ECM, I though you’d find this recent video case study of interest. Personalized delivery of business process content to 5000+ staff across 814 retail stores. Delivered via the cloud. Deployed in 6 months, ROI run rate £55M in 12 months.

    Business Processes are arguably the most important intellectual capital of an enterprise. Or put another way – “Processes are the DNA of the enterprise”. BPM is a broad church – at one end of the spectrum stories like Carphone Warehouse – improving performance simply because people can find, trust and follow superior processes (or “standard operating procedures”). It’s about improving processes and improving knowledge management all together. BPM and ECM – completely interwoven. And at the other end of the BPM spectrum – it’s about process automation, with tools like SAP’s BPM for Netweaver.

    An observation – process tools built for automation create applications (workflow forms) which are deployed to the business. (Whereas in the story above it’s actually the process itself and related information which are deployed to the business. As regards workflow type BPM – the intersection with ECM is about combining content with the deployed application. A completely different paradigm to the story above. I hope your webinar considers both ends of this spectrum, as they involve completely different ways of considering how BPM and ECM mutually support each other. I’ll tune in with interest!

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