Summer’s over

My blogging has been very light for the past month: summer is short in Toronto, and we’ve had an amazing run of good weather in August, so I’ve barely kept up with my customer projects and have totally neglected blogging. Now that the days are getting noticeably shorter, the nights cooler and everyone with a real job seems to be back from vacation, I think that it’s time for me to get back to work.

I have several blog posts partially completed (James Taylor’s book review, a few product reviews, a couple of short articles) that really need to get done, and some preparation for the fall conference season:

November doesn’t look much better: I think that there’s an OMG BPM/SOA workshop (I had a note in my calendar but can’t find any information on it, and no one has added it to the shared BPM events calendar), I’m speaking at the Shared Insights BPM conference in San Diego, then I’m off to Bangalore to speak at SOA India.

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