Enterprise 2.0: Oracle’s Initiatives for Enterprise 2.0

Steve Diamond, an Oracle product manager for on-demand CRM, led a breakout session on their Enterprise 2.0 initiatives. I’m attending a dinner tonight with Oracle executives tonight and will undoubtedly hear more about this.

After 30+ minutes of lightweight “here’s what Enterprise 2.0 is and why it’s important”, he finally started to talk about what new and exciting things that they’re doing, but I’d mostly nodded off by then. Guess I will have to pay attention tonight. He did talk about their Social CRM application and about what’s happening in their internal AppsLab skunkworks, but it just wasn’t enough to hold my attention and I slipped out early.

The buzz around here seems to be that Oracle doesn’t have enough of their Enterprise 2.0 story sorted out yet, and I’m still waiting for Oracle to prove that notion wrong.

5 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0: Oracle’s Initiatives for Enterprise 2.0”

  1. Sorry you nodded off, Sandy, although fortunately for me you didn’t appear to drool or snore. Also, fortunately, you and a few other twittering bloggers APPEARED to be the only folks who were bored. Trust me, I’m harder on myself than you ever possibly could be. But I thought the reception was quite positive overall, given that my remarks were really intended for people in organizations who are figuring out how and if to get their arms around this stuff, versus folks who are analyzing enterprise 2.o on a more regular basis. But I’m supposed to get the formal feedback in a couple of weeks or so. At that point I’ll know whether the universal consensus was "Good," "Meh," or "Sucked." Can’t wait! Cheers.

  2. Sandy–Like I said, I’ll get a more formal ‘read’ in a couple of weeks when I get the results of the written feedback forms. But I was looking at people’s faces and most appeared to be engaged. Trust me, I can tell the difference. E.G., I gave a presentation at Collaborate in April 2007. Of the…ummm…18 people or so in attendance, many looked really bored, and one guy in the front row was hunched over the seat next to him and was loudly snoring as I gave the presentation. It was either a moment from “The Office,” “Seinfeld,” or both…

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