Gartner BPM: 3 Milestones of BPM Success, Toby Cappello, Lombardi

Although Gartner really only invites their own analysts and customers to speak in the conference sessions, sponsoring vendors can buy a spot in the vendor session tracks, which breaks down into two 30-minutes sessions: usually one by the vendor themselves, and one by one of their customers. I’m sitting in on Lombardi’s double session, the first part of which is with Toby Cappello, Lombardi’s VP of Professional Services; this will be followed by a session with Allianz that I’ll also stick around for.

Cappello is focused on the cycle of define, deliver and improve, with three components:

  • Setting direction (motivation, organization)
  • Directing work (process, rules)
  • Improving performance (analytics)

He walked through typical parts of each of the define, deliver and improve milestones; nothing earth-shattering here, but he’s really stressing the need for agility in this cycle.

He’s a big fan of hands-on involvement by the business in BPM projects, and feels that business and IT aren’t really collaborating if they’re not sharing the process models. Luckily, that’s something that Lombardi’s products allow you to do reasonably well, and will improve further with their expected mid-year product release that will combine the process model repositories for their software-as-a-service product discovery tool, Blueprint, and their core BPM environment, TeamWorks. There’s delineation of responsibilities between business and IT — basically along the line between processes and services — but they need to be working together on the same model for true collaboration.

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