Enterprise 2.0: Derek Burney

We heard from IBM, so it’s inevitable that we’re going to hear from Microsoft too: namely, Derek Burney, GM of the SharePoint Platform and Tools group. More stuff on how we’re in a new world of work, how technology is changing how and where we interact, but he also touches on the issues of the need to retain and share knowledge as the baby boomers start to retire, and what the incoming MySpace generation is going to demand in terms of functionality on enterprise platforms.

He covers the idea of a busines productivity infrastructure consisting of unified communications, business intelligence, ECM, collaboration (including wikis and blogs) and enterprise search — amazingly, that’s exactly what SharePoint offers 😉 He mentions BPM peripherally as it relates to content approval, but doesn’t cite it explicitly. He does mention “workflow” but that’s really Microsoft’s view of workflow, which is more web service orchestration than what I think of as workflow.

He discusses all the people who might be involved in some way in your organization — employees, partners, customers, and non-affiliated community — and how to better allow collaboration between, not just within, these groups. He directly addressed the concern that many IT (and business) managers have about bringing blogs and wikis inside the corporation, namely a loss of productivity, by showing an example from within Microsoft of how wikis can actually improve productivity, but I think that the Razorfish intranet example that I saw at a recent conference is much more compelling.

The presentation dragged a bit towards the end: I was losing the thread as the slides blurred past, and the guy beside me appeared to nod off. I would like to review his slides if they’re available online; I think that there’s a great deal of good information in there, I just need to dig it out.

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