TUCON: Product Announcements, including a Messaging Appliance

I decided to break this out into a separate post although it’s all the same keynote, since this is getting a bit long and this post has all the product goodies in it, including TIBCO’s first-ever hardware release in the form of a messaging appliance.

Matt Quinn, TIBCO’s SVP of engineering and technology strategies, discussed product directions and their focus areas for 2008/2009:

  • Event-driven computing everywhere
  • invest in neutrality and enterprise breadth
  • Continue to simplify and streamline user experience

A bit of this was covered in the GTM strategy yesterday, but he provided much more information on specific products:

  • TIBCO ONE, covering all user interfaces from design time to run time, is now under the auspices of a single user experience team. They’ll be adopting Microsoft’s Silverlight as an alternative to their own General Interface, and some functionality will soon be available on Silverlight as well as GI.
  • He announced Spotfire version 2.1 for creating interactive business mashups, and discussed the Spotfire Operations Analytics that Ahlberg showed us yesterday.
  • BusinessEvents version 3 is in the final testing stages, providing a fully distributed and fully clustered rules, CEP and streaming engine, apparently a first in the market.
  • Over the next year, a new product called ActiveSpaces will be introduced for distributing data and state management cache, and is design to handle massive volumes in real-time.
  • iProcess version 11 is now in final testing, with real-time worklist management based on events, and some improvements to installation, LDAP support.
  • Business Studio version 3 is also being released, now fully based on Eclipse as part of the TIBCO ONE’s initiatives, and now (wait for it) with full functionality of the older process modeler, including Eclipse-based forms design.
  • ActiveMatrix version 2 and BusinessWorks 5.6 have been shipping since December, with improved capabilities such as multiple projects per BW engine, and AMX support for BW. In the future, the BW user interface will become part of TIBCO ONE, new testing, development and performance tuning tools will be added, and new deployment options such as clustering will be supported.

There were other announcements about enterprise messaging, managed file transfer, service performance management and CIM; it all went by pretty fast but there will be more information over the next two days.

The big finale was the announcement of a messaging appliance, which they showed on stage to spontaneous applause: a dedicated piece of hardware with Rendezvous embedded within it for incredible performance characteristics, allowing multiple services to be replaced by this single appliance. The appliance doesn’t replace existing Rendezvous installations, but is intended to work with them. They’ll be shipping the first units in September; press release here.

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