FASTforward09: Valentin Richter, Raytion

Valentin Richter, CEO of Raytion (a FAST partner), talked about a recent study showing that only 10% of users is satisfied with their current intranet search capabilities, and what can be done about it. He spoke about several of the myths associated with enterprise search.

Although he went through 11 myths (without slides!), a key one is one that I’ve heard around here from other people: enterprise search is only a search box on a web page. We had a bit of a glimpse in the previous session about how enterprise search is much more than a search box, and I recall case studies from last year’s conference that showed that some enterprise search applications aren’t even recognized by the users as search. Search can be a tool that’s part of the infrastructure used to build applications within an enterprise, aggregating and integrating data, and presenting different views of data for different internal audiences.

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