Mapping BPM Events

Coincidentally on the same day that Todd Biske and I start collaborating on the BPM, SOA and EA calendar that you can find on both our sites, I saw this amazing post (linked from the Google Operating System blog) showing how to map a Google calendar’s events on a Google map, with a bit of help from a simple Yahoo Pipe. The results, showing our events calendar, can be found immediately beneath the calendar.

The theory is that this should refresh from the pipe (and hence the calendar itself) every time that you visit the page — or, if you prefer, a link to a larger version of the map directly in Google Maps — although I haven’t tested that out.

If you’re an author on the BPM Google calendar, be sure to fill out the location field so that your event is displayed on the map.

Definitely the most fun that I had all day.

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