Business analyst mindmap

This is my day for having friends post amazing business-related graphics. This one (you’ll need to click through to the full-size version in order to see the detail) is by Bryce Johnson:

Business Analyist, User Experience, Front-End Architecture Practice MindMap

2 thoughts on “Business analyst mindmap”

  1. I assume that you’re asking “do I have permission to upload this” (i.e., “may I”) versus “is it technically possible to upload this (i.e., “can I”).

    On the issue of permissions, Bryce makes this graphic available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic licence, a description of which you can find here.

    Basically, you can reproduce this image (including uploading it to another site) as long as you credit Bryce as the author (linking back to his original Flickr image is best), do not use it for commercial purposes, and agree to apply the same licence to any works that you create by altering this graphic.

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