BPM Events calendar gains a new audience

Todd Biske, whose blog I read regularly, announced last week that he was going to publish a Google calendar of BPM, SOA and EA events, I invited him to join the one that I’ve been running for a few months. During the time that I’ve had the calendar active, I’ve added about 10 other authors to the calendar who can add events; these are typically people very active in the industry and have events to contribute. If you want to add an event, you can email to either Todd or me; if you think that you can make an ongoing contribution, then let us know and we’ll add you as an author.

You can view the calendar on my site here, or on Todd’s site here. If you have a blog on a related subject, feel free to embed it on your site as well. Good place to check first if you’re organizing an event and want to make sure that it won’t conflict with competing events.

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