BPM Think Tank Day 2: Jim Rudden

Jim Rudden of Lombardi gave the first presentation after lunch. Like the BEA presentation yesterday, Lombardi gets this short timeslot since they’re a platinum sponsor of the event, and Jim’s topic was on modelling your business, not just your process. I’ve seen a similar presentation, likely in a Lombardi webinar, with the three key areas of focus for modelling business: setting direction, controlling processes and work, and improving performance.

Challenges in setting direction:

  • Accessibility: can everyone participate easily?
  • Audience: can we involve business teams?
  • Standardization: is everyone gathering the same information?
  • Consensus: does everyone agree with the model?
  • Prioritization: is it clear where to start improvement?
  • Leverage: can you move quickly to implementation?

He then went into a brief (pre-recorded) demo of Blueprint, Lombardi’s SaaS process discovery product, to show how it can address the issues of setting direction. I need to get back and give this another in-depth review, since it’s obviously had a lot of changes since I saw it back at product launch time. They’ve done some nice things with the different views, providing a map/outline view, a diagram (BPMN) view and a documentation view, plus metadata such as goals, problems and impacts in a sort of structured wiki-like environment.

The remainder of the day is the roundtables, where I’ll take notes on paper so they won’t be posted until later tonight or tomorrow. I’m first attending the session on BPMN and BPDM with Antoine Lonjon and Stephen White, then the one on BPEL with Ismael Ghalimi.

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