BPM events calendar

I’ve heard from a few people lately about how hard it is to schedule BPM events since there’s so many calendar conflicts. I joked yesterday that we needed a global Google calendar to which everyone can add their events, and today I’m not laughing, I’m creating it. Click here to subscribe to the calendar in Google calendar using your Gmail login, click here to access the calendar directly without a login, or here for the RSS feed.

I’ll add events to it as I hear about them, and if you want to be able to add your own events, just email me and I’ll add you to the list of people who can add events to the calendar. It would be great if a lot of the BPM vendors could get on this calendar so that people who are interested in events can come to one place to find out where and when things are.

This is the first public Google calendar that I’ve created, so if I’ve done something dumb here, or could make it better in some way, add a comment or drop me an email and I’ll do what I can.

The definition of “BPM event” is a bit loose, so any event that would be of interest to the community is welcome here.

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