Integration World Day 1: David Mitchell keynote

David Mitchell, COO of webMethods Business Division, was up next with a much greater focus on BPM. webMethods had been positioning BPM — including both system-to-system and human-facing — as their growth area before the acquisition, and that’s still the message. Companies are competing on process, not just products and services, since process represents the ability to meet customer requirements in the face of changing conditions. As I’ve written many times before, the value is in process agility and visibility in a heterogeneous environment.

He had a number of case studies of how customers have improved their processes and operations based on what they’ve done with webMethods to integrate their systems for the goals of agility and visibility. He said "If you have unlimited time and unlimited money, you can pay IBM to do this for you", followed by the clear message that the rest of us should be using webMethods instead.

He also discussed the impact of the merger: long-time Software AG customers engaging with the webMethods product line since they trust Software AG to help them with their modernization efforts. There were some interesting comments about mergers in this marketplace, and the issue of aligning the products and customers of the acquired and the acquirer. As Mitchell put it, that question has now been answered for webMethods, but is still up in the air for companies such as BEA and TIBCO.

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