Blogging from BrainStorm BPM

The hotel wifi just kicked in, so I have a couple of posts queued up. I’m at the BrainStorm BPM conference in Chicago, and just flew in this morning so missed the initial keynotes (Enabling the Process-Centric Agile Enterprise and Engineering the Process-Centric Enterprise) but will be here the rest of today and most of tomorrow. One of the complaints that I have about this conference is that there’s just too many tracks: they’re running six sessions simultaneously: two of them forming the BPM conference (BPM for business professionals and BPM for technology professionals) an organizational performance symposium, a business rules symposium), an SOA conference, and a business architecture conference. At any given time, there are at least two of the sessions that I want to attend, sometimes three, and the choices are going to be difficult. Unfortunately, the conference program doesn’t help since it splits the session descriptions into five sections (the two BPM tracks are combined in the program) so that I have to flip around all over the program to compare concurrent sessions. There’s also some organizational issues, and I’m not just talking about the fact that they didn’t have a name badge for me when I showed up: the sessions are spread out over two floors of meeting rooms at the Drake Hotel, and there is zero time in the schedule between many of the sessions. Teleportation was not included.

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