BrainStorm BPM Day 1: Brett Champlin keynote

Since I arrived late, my day started with Brett Champlin’s keynote, BPM Triage — A Health and Wellness Model for Enterprise Business Processes. I know Brett through ABPMP, but he’s also

Brett uses a healthcare analogy for applying process management to your business, and I found that the analogy stretched a bit thin, although it had some interesting points. The fact that he came out dressed in a white lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck made it a bit hokey, too.

He had a couple of interesting diagrams, one in particular of a business process architecture, but it went by too quickly to sketch out and I can’t seem to find the presentations in any of the handout materials.

In general, however, I’d have to say that if you have to do your presentation in costume, it could be that it’s lacking in some other way.

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