Thinking about the next phase of Web 2.0 + BPM

A great week away, and now I’m digging into all the news stories, blog feeds, email and client work that I didn’t get to while swanning around the European countryside. Quite unpredictably, it was warm and sunny in London, and rainy in southern France; I posted a few photos of France here. In spite of the rain, it was lovely in Tourouzelle, where my friends live; she is now selling real estate in the area and it’s very tempting to consider a little place in Languedoc for vacations. In a weird economic twist, it took longer and cost more to take a taxi + bus from my friends’ home in Stoke Poges (near Heathrow) to Stansted airport to catch my flight to Carcassonne, than it did to make the flight itself.

The few days since the conference has given me a chance to think more about the Web 2.0/BPM convergence, and coincidentally, John Evdemon was back in touch with me at the end of the week to talk about co-authoring a paper on that subject. I’m very much looking forward to that, since collaboration with someone smart like John would definitely improve the ideas.

I also had a chance to catch up with Ismael Ghalimi, who had invited me to participate in a panel discussion at his upcoming Office 2.0 conference (to be fair, he made his original invitation before the firestorm about the dearth of women speakers at the event); it appears that my acceptance email went astray and he assumed that I wasn’t interested, so I may not be there after all.

4 thoughts on “Thinking about the next phase of Web 2.0 + BPM”

  1. Hi Sandy – Scott beat me to you! We have been thinking of you from the beginning for the podcast jam but I was a bit lax in reaching out.

    We are having contributors who are attending the conference so even if you go, we’d still love to have a contribution from you (though I understand there are only so many hours in a day). Ismael is even signed on to do a podcast.

    The podcasts are intended to be short bites so they’re easy to produce and to listen to.

    I listened to your bpm webinar and learned a lot–if you could bring BPM to the Office 2.0 podcast jam, that’d be great!

    I’ll follow up within a couple days; think about it and let me know if you have questions.

  2. Anne, I’d love to get involved. I’ve decided not to go out to Office 2.0 in person (Ismael offered me a place on an open technical panel, but that’s not really my thing), so likely will have a bit more time to participate in the podcast jam.

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