Appian webinar on October 4th

Next week (can it really be the last week of September already?), I’m moderating a webinar on ebizQ called Driving the BPM Initiative, featuring Jim Sinur of Gartner and Steve Seese of Appian. ebizQ’s description of the event:

Learn the formula for successful BPM implementation. Distinguished Gartner analyst Jim Sinur will discuss how IT can work with business users and C-level executives to ensure a successful BPM engagement, from picking the right BPM project and selecting the best BPM suite to getting buy-in and facilitating change within the organization. Steve Seese of Appian will then share his experiences and discuss the lessons he has learned in the field over the past 25 years.

What you will learn:

  • What criteria should you use to pick the right BPM project and suite?
  • How can you get buy-in and facilitate change within the organization?
  • What BPM project management tactics have worked in the field?

As the moderator rather than a speaker, I won’t get much of a chance to put in my $0.02 about this topic, but it will be interesting to compare my experiences at BPM implementations over the years with theirs.

Funny, I just went back to an earlier post of mine in order to scoop up the link to Sinur’s profile page, and found my commentary on his talk at the Gartner BPM conference in March. Very interesting to re-read, especially in light of the IBM-FileNet deal that is going to be closing quite soon — my comment back in March was “which BPM vendor will Oracle buy”, and I sure thought that it was going to be FileNet.

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