AIIM Expo registration now open

Registration for the AIIM Expo 2006, to be held May 16-18 in Philadelphia, is now available online. I haven’t attended AIIM in a few years, but I’m thinking about attending the exhibits. So far, however, the list of BPM vendors and BI vendors look pretty sparse — I think that most of these vendors tend to hit industry-related shows rather than general (and somewhat outdated) shows like AIIM, or hold public webinars. The advantage of attending a trade show, in theory, is that you see the new/little vendors/products that might not otherwise hit your radar screen, but I’m not sure that many of them are coming to AIIM.

And, if I want a really good product demo, there’s better ways to do that than at a trade show: I’ve had two private demos directly from vendors via Webex in the past two weeks, with another coming up soon. Not that I don’t want to visit Philly, but Webex is definitely the way to go for demos.

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