BPM Milan: Workshop wrap-up

This workshop is intended to be the starting point for collaborating on research in BPM and social software, and we wrapped up the day with a discussion of how the authors in the room can collaborate on a single paper to submit for journal publication, based on their existing research and the discussions that we had here today. This, of course, devolved into a discussion of the social tools that would be used in order to do this, and the game theory that applies to the collaborative authoring of papers.

I’m sure that the remainder of the conference will be quite different in nature than this highly interactive workshop, although equally valuable, but I can’t help but wondering why there’s not more BPM vendors (or more advanced customers) taking advantage of the opportunity to attend this conference. Although a great deal of innovation goes on within some vendor organizations already, even more could undoubtedly result from exposure to the research going on in the academic world.

That’s it for today: time for a quick nap, then off to the evening reception.

4 thoughts on “BPM Milan: Workshop wrap-up”

  1. It’s all in the point of view – in spite of my jet lag, I was fully alert and engaged with the entire day of sessions, definitely the best conference day that I’ve had in a long time. The lovely evening drinking wine in an outdoor cafe with my new-found friends made up for the day indoors.

  2. Actually, I think there are some vendors around. You have many papers from IBM and SAP. The small IDS Scheer also has one paper in the main conference and several in other workshops. Completely missing seems to be Oracle and Microsoft, but maybe they have different policies about publishing such details. Not sure about that.

  3. I see a few more vendors today, I didn’t find any yesterday at the workshops. IBM and SAP are visible, but lots of missing players.

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