BPM Milan: Enterprise 2.0 in practice

Simone Happ from T-Systems Multimedia — the only other non-academic in the room — gave a presentation on Enterprise 2.0 initiatives that her company is seeing in practice. She started with some pretty general stuff on Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0, but moved on to some examples of how they are using wikis to manage/document customer requirements and report on project status, and how the immediacy of publication was important for both of those applications. She also covered some public examples of companies using Web 2.0 to interact with their customers, such as Dell’s Ideastorm, and sites that promote completely new business models by allowing anyone to publish their own ideas for co-monetization with the host company, such as SpreadShirt (or the US equivalent, Threadless) and MyMuesli.

I was expecting a few more concrete examples of Enterprise 2.0 within customer organizations (and maybe something about BPM, since this is a BPM conference); the presentation would have been appropriate as an intro to Enterprise 2.0 for a more general audience, but came off as a bit lightweight compared to the academic fare of the rest of the day.

The session ended with an interesting discussion on Enterprise 2.0, the issues with adoption and some of the success stories; nothing new here, but good to hear the opinions of the dozen or so in the room.

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