My post on the @Trisotech blog: Designing Processes for Agility

In my continuing series over on the Trisotech blog, I’ve just published a post on issues to consider when designing processes for agility, especially the tradeoffs between what goes in a process model versus a decision model. I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about this in the past when working with enterprise customers on their processes, and a conversation after a conference presentation last year really brought some of the ideas into focus. From that post:

Assuming that you’re using model-driven process and decision management systems (BPMN and DMN, respectively) for design and implementation, you might assume that it doesn’t really matter how you design your applications, since either could be quickly changed to accommodate changing business needs. It’s true that model-driven process and decision management systems give you agility in that they can be changed relatively quickly with little or no coding, then tested and redeployed in a matter of hours or days. But your design choices can impact understandability of the models as well as agility of the resulting application, and it’s important to have both.

Head on over to their blog to read the entire post.

If you have comments or questions about the post, feel free to engage in the comments on this post, since Trisotech doesn’t allow commenting on their blog.

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