Last year, I think that I was the first industry analyst to ever be invited by DST to the somewhat secret society that is their AWD ADVANCE conference. That must have worked out for them, because this year I’m back to speak, as well as Neil Ward-Dutton and Clay Richardson. That’s not the only change: instead of DST’s home town of Kansas City, we’re at the Omni at ChampionsGate in Orlando, where golf trumps Disney as the main pastime.

I won’t be blogging as much as last year, and definitely not as much as last week’s 6,800 word marathon at bpmNEXT: I’m only here for today, headed home tomorrow before the sessions start, since I’m in the middle of three weeks of conference travel. If you check out this week’s agenda, you’ll see a lot of case management, highlighting some of DST’s recent push in this direction, and I’ll be interested to see how that’s covered in the opening keynote as well as the product roadmap session.

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