Lightening Up The Travel Gear

Google_Nexus_7_front-back-side_270x206This week at bpmNEXT was my first solo outing with the new blogging setup: Google Nexus 7 tablet, Logitech Bluetooth keyboard, and WordPress app for Android. I was also working on a white paper for a client, so had to edit and view documents in Word and PowerPoint formats, for which I use use the Kingsoft Office Android app, plus Dropbox for synchronizing my work to the cloud for backup and Astro File Manager for local document management. Prior to this, I carried an HP Mini netbook running Windows 7, which provided me with the same functionality as on my desktop, with all of my documents synced locally via Dropbox. When I started carrying the Nexus while travelling for media consumption, the combination of Windows netbook + Android tablet + iPhone started to seem like overkill; a comment from my brother (a non-technical lawyer, of all people) made me start thinking about adding a keyboard to the tablet as a netbook replacement.

wpid-91hO7brqtZL._SL1500_.jpegIn summary, it worked great. Once I learned that some familiar keyboard shortcuts work on Android (Ctrl+X/C/V for cut/copy/paste, Ctrl+A for select all, Alt+Tab for switching active applications, Fn+Backspace for Delete), my productivity increased tremendously. The keyboard is as big — maybe a bit bigger — than my netbook keyboard, so touch typing was speedy as you might have surmised from the thousands of words that I pumped out in blog posts this week. Kingsoft Office had a hiccup over one particular Word document, but I copied and pasted the text to strip out the formatting and had no problem with basic editing. Today, when I had to send off a draft of the white paper to my client, I used Astro to attach the Word document to an email (native Android only allows adding media file attachments). Email worked well, since my domain email is hosted on Google Apps: I could add/remove tags for organization, as well as send/receive and most other functions; since I also had my iPhone, I did a lot of email and calendar functions there. Chrome, Pocket and Feedly kept my online reading in sync, and for tweeting, I used the very capable Buffer and Twitter apps. Also, the battery life on the Nexus is great, lasting for an entire day even with Bluetooth and wifi enabled, which is better than the netbook. If I needed to scrimp on power, I could turn wifi off since most things could be done offline.

There are a couple of remaining challenges:
– As far as I know, there is no way to give a presentation from the tablet using the standard setup that is available at a conference (namely, a VGA cable connected to a projector). That means that I still need to carry the netbook when I will be giving a presentation, unless I am so organized that I have it completely finished before departing for the conference, and the conference has a PC with my presentation loaded. If anyone knows of a small gadget that would allow me to connect my tablet to any standard projector (a Bluetooth to VGA converter, maybe?), I want to know about it.
– The formatting in the WordPress app is a bit basic, with no support for bullets or quote blocks as I would have in the regular web interface or Windows Live Writer on the PC. Unlike the web, however, I can compose offline (as I’m doing right now at 35,000 feet) and it saves a local draft for posting later.
– The usage of Bluetooth devices is not really permitted on aircraft, although I have to believe that there are many devices on my current flight with Bluetooth enabled, and we’re still flying. Flight attendants either haven’t noticed or don’t care about the keyboard.
– Dropbox requires that I mark each file individually that I want synchronized locally, which means that I have to remember to mark the right ones while I’m connected so that I have my reference and editing materials available. A “sync this folder” function would be great.
– Kingsoft Office is good for editing, but I really need to review any document that I create or edit with it on my desktop to make sure that the formatting didn’t get screwed up. Kingsoft is free, and I’d be happy to pay for an Android MS-Office clone if I had better confidence in its formatting integrity.

The verdict: this will be my go-to gear for travel when I do not have to do a presentation, or when my presentation is submitted in advance. If I find a way to present directly from the tablet, then this will be my only travel configuration unless there is a weird requirement such as Visio on the road, and the netbook may be permanently retired.

6 thoughts on “Lightening Up The Travel Gear”

  1. Hi Sandy

    First, thanks for your helpful posts about the bpmNEXT talks.

    Second, concerning your wish for an USB-to-VGA-Adapter I have to dissapoint you: alot of Android Tablets have a HDMI-Output or an MHL-Chip, but not so the Google Nexus 7. So, probably there is no easy solution to this (also see

    Third, concerning your challenge to synchronize more than one file at a time with Dropbox, I suggest you the app Folder Sync ( I use this app daily to synchronize some folders including subfolders with my Android Smartphone. It has also the ability to sync with a lot of other Cloud Services, FTP, LAN, and so on. Besides of that you can filter (include/exclude) by file size, extension or name.


    1. Thanks, Björn – I checked out FolderSync and it looks like a copy rather than sync based on the comments, but will give it a try.

  2. To be clear, I want something like this to connect tablet to VGA (or via Bluetooth), but for Android tablets rather than the Surface.

  3. Sandy,

    I’m facing similar challenges related to the gear. I also use Kingsoft Office when offline for very simple editing. When there is a connection, and I need the normal MS Office functionality, then I use CloudOn which is in fact MS Office for Android, fully functional an integrated with Dropbox, Drive and other storage services.

    In the case of presentations, for those using PowerPoint, CloudOn is fantastic. But in cases I prefer to use Prezi (quite often), that remains a challenge on Nexus 7. Any suggestions will be more than welcome.

    For typing I use SwiftKey Tablet Keybord which is way better than the standard Android keyboard. Still I guess I’d need to buy an external one at some point.

    Re: WordPress, it’s true it doesn’t have a button for bullets but there is one for blockquote and it’s a standard feature. I haven’t used bullets so far in WordPress but in case I have to, the only option would be to manually put the html tags. May be they’ll add it at some point.


    1. Thanks for the tips! I’m checking out CloudOn now. I highly recommend an external keyboard for times when you have to do a lot of typing.

  4. FolderSync is a file manager (with copy feature) but it’s strength lies in the sync feature (one-way or two-way sync including sync of deletions if you activate this).

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