BPM and Application Composition Webinar This Week

I’m presenting a webinar tomorrow together with Sanjay Shah of Skelta – makers of one of the few Microsoft-centric BPM suites available – on Tuesday at noon Eastern time. The topic is BPM and application composition, an area that I’ve been following closely since I asked the question five years ago: who in the BPM space will jump on the enterprise mashup bandwagon first? Since then, I’ve attended some of the first Mashup Camps (1, 2 and 4) and watched the emerging space of composite applications collide with the world of BPM and SOA, to the point where both Gartner and Forrester consider this important, if not core, functionality in a BPM suite.

I’ll be talking about the current state of composite application development/assembly as it exists in BPM environments, the benefits you can expect, and where I see it going. You can register to attend the webinar here; there will be a white paper published following the webinar.

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