Reprise of the Four Myths of BPM Projects

Back in June of 2009, I gave a webinar with Active Endpoints called “IT-Business Collaboration on BPM” that included some myths about BPM projects, particularly the level of involvement that can be expected from business users during the design cycle. Don’t get me wrong – there are a lot of great process discovery tools out there, and many cases where business people (really business analysts rather than end users) can design their own processes, but I’m typically involved in the sort of heavy-lifting complex business processes that just aren’t, in practice, designed by non-technical business people, and vendors aren’t really helping by insisting that IT just doesn’t have to be involved in any sort of BPM projects. This webinar, dubbed the “Four Myths” webinar became one of the most popular ones that I did with Active Endpoints

We’re updating and re-presenting this webinar tomorrow, covering the myths and some practical solutions, plus the usual live Q&A. You can sign up for tomorrow’s webinar here, or catch the replay (no registration required) on their VOSibilities blog or their iTunes podcast channel. There will also be a white paper that summarizes the topic, although I don’t think that Active Endpoints has it online yet.

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